Courses & Conferences

Courses and Conferences attended

Faculty in Courses/Conferences

3  Knee Arthroscopy Course                                             Kamineni Hospital, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

2    Indian Orthopaedic Association Workshop               Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hyderabad,on Complex Proximal Tibial Fractures                                          Telangana            

1   FRCS (Ortho) Revision course: faculty as                                   Imperial College , London

Trauma examiner

Academic Courses/ Conferences

23 Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference 2014                    HICC, Hitex, Hyderabad, Telangana

22   Hip Symposium                                                                            Charing Cross Hospital , London

21   Oxford Bone Infection Conference (OBIC)                                    Town Hall , Oxford

20   Bristol Unicompartmental Knee Course                                        Bristol Zoo , Bristol

19   ISK Sports Medicine, Knee and Hip Course                                    Sheraton Hotel, Manhattan ,

New York

18   Birmingham Patellofemoral Instructional                                   New Queen Elizabeth Hospital ,

Course                                                                                                Birmingham

17   London Knee Meeting 2011                                                         Queen Elizabeth II Conference

Centre , London

16   2nd International advances in Knee                                            Altitude 360, Mill Bank Tower ,

Arthroplasty                                                                                      London

15   Knee Masterclass – Arthritis of the knee                                      London Zoo Conference hall ,


14   London Knee Meeting 2010                                                          Queen Elizabeth II Conference

Centre , London

  13   Warwick FRCS (Ortho) Training Course                                         Warwick General Hospital ,


12   Edinburgh International Instructional                                        Sheraton Grand Hotel , Edinburgh

Trauma Course

11   Basic Science Course for FRCS (Ortho)                                         University of Nottingham ,


10   Management of Open Fractures of the                                        Leeds General Infirmary , Leeds

lower extremity – Instructional Course

9   Hydroxyapatite Ceramic                                                                Royal College of Surgeons , London

8   British Orthopaedic Association                                                  International Convention Centre

, Birmingham

7   American Academy of Orthopaedic                                            Convention Centre , Washington

Surgeons: Annual Meeting                                                               D.C.

6   10th EFORT Instructional Course                                                  Groningen , Netherlands

5   British Orthopaedic Oncology Society                                        Freeman Hospital , Newcastle

Annual Conference                                                                           Upon Tyne

4   Research Skills Course                                                                     Leeds University , Leeds

3   Leeds Orthopaedic Biomechanics Course                                      Thorpe Park Hotel , Leeds

2   International Shoulder Course                                                       Gmunden , Austria

1   Controversies in Orthopaedics                                                        Kovai Medical Center ,

Coimbatore, India

Management Courses

19   Introduction to Information Governance:                                    Imperial College , London

Mandatory course

18   Management Course for Specialist                                                Hammersmith Hospital , London

Registrars: organised by Imperial College,


17   Advanced Medical Communication Skills:                                    Hammersmith Hospital , London

organised by Imperial College, London

16   Managing Difficult patient Interactions:                                       Hallam Conference Center ,

      Organised by MPS

15   Oxford Medical: Consultant Interview                                        Barcelo Hotel , Oxford


14   Training the Trainers: Managing Change                                     Royal Free Hospital , London

13   Training the Trainers: Leadership in NHS                                      Royal Free Hospital , London

12   Training the Trainers: Developing a team                                      June 2011       Royal Free Hospital , London

11   Training the Trainers: Group facilitation                                        Royal Free Hospital , London

10   Training the Trainers: Clinical supervision                                      Royal Free Hospital , London

9   Training the Trainers: Introduction to                                  Royal Free Hospital , London

Teaching and Teaching Skills

8   Train the Trainers Course                                                                 Royal Free Hospital , London

7   Training the Trainers: Role of Educational                                     Royal Free Hospital , London

 Supervisors, Appraisal and managing

poor performers

6   Conflict Resolution Course                                                               Royal Free Hospital , London

5   Mastering Adverse Outcomes workshop                                        Holiday Inn, Heathrow ,

by MPS                                                                                               Middlesex, London

4   Child Protection Course Level 3                                                      Royal Free Hospital , London

3   Child Protection Course Level 2                                                     Royal Free Hospital , London

2   Clinical Management Course for                                                     Royal College of Surgeons , London

Specialist Registrars (Keele University


1   Interview Skills Training Course                                                     Hammersmith Hospital , London

Workshops & Training Courses

22   Orthofix Advanced Trauma &                                                         Orthofix Education Center ,

Reconstruction course                                                                      Verona, Italy

21   Asepsis and No Touch Technique (ANTT)                                      St Mary’s Hospital , London

20   IRMER Course                                                                                   Hammersmith Hospital , London

19   Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)                                          Churchill Hospital , Oxford


18   Mandatory Training                                                                   Danubius Hotel (Wellington

Hospital) , London

17   Masterclass in Revision Total Knee                                           Leicester Mariott Hotel ,


16   Osteotomy around knee course                                                The Ark, Basingstoke General

Hospital , Basingstoke

15   Oxford Partial Knee Advanced                                                    Keble College , Oxford

Instructional Course

14   Modern Techniques in Total Knee                                              Hilton Hotel , Manchester

Arthroplasty (Harlow Knee course)

13   7th World Congress of the International                                     Warsaw , Poland

Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)

12   Advanced Life Support (ALS)                                                        Frimley Park Hospital , Surrey

11   European Paediatric Life Support (EPLS)                                    Leicester Royal Infirmary ,

10   Practical Arthroscopic Knee surgery                                            Knee Foundation , Droitwich


9   Basic and Advanced course in                                                       University of Sheffield , Sheffield

Intramedullary Nailing in Children

8   Exeter Basic Hip Arthroplasty Course                                            Royal Devon and Exeter

Hospitals , Exeter

7   Sheffield Elbow Course                                                                    Northern General Hospital ,


6   Taylor Spatial Frame Course                                                           Hall Garth Hotel , Darlington

5   AO Advances in Fracture Management                                         Davos , Switzerland


4   AO Principles of Fracture Treatment                                              Davos , Switzerland

3   Workshop on Arthroscopy                                                              Rangaraya Medical College ,


2   All India Ilizarov Course and Hands on                                           Bangalore Medical College ,

Workshop                                                                                          Bangalore

1   2nd International Course on Spinal                                                  Ganga Hospital , Coimbatore,

Surgery and Workshop on Spinal Fixation