Courses & Conferences

Courses and Conferences attended

Faculty in Courses/Conferences


9 ACL Reconstrutcion – Cadaver Workshop JIPMER Academic Center – Puducherry
8 Online Webniar on ACL Reconstruction    Organiser and conductor of course for JIPMER Orthopaedic Alumni
7 Workshop on Osteoporosis    Global Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana
6 Bezwada Shoulder Course    Boppana Hospital, Vijayawada
5 Knee Arthroscopy Course Kamineni Hospital, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
4 Decorth Knee Course    KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad, Telangana
3  Indian Orthopaedic Association Workshop on Complex Proximal Tibial Fractures  Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hyderabad,                                          Telangana
2  Indian Orthopaedic Association Workshop on Complex Proximal Tibial Fractures  Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hyderabad,                                          Telangana
1 FRCS (Ortho) Revision course: faculty asTrauma examiner  Imperial College, London                         


Academic Courses/ Conferences
23 Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference 2014     HICC, Hitex, Hyderabad, Telangana
22 Hip Symposium     Charing Cross Hospital , London
21 Oxford Bone Infection Conference (OBIC)     Town Hall , Oxford
20 Bristol Unicompartmental Knee Course     Bristol Zoo , Bristol
19 ISK Sports Medicine, Knee and Hip Course     Sheraton Hotel, Manhattan ,New York
18 Birmingham Patellofemoral Instructional  Course   New Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
17 London Knee Meeting 2011   Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center, London
16 2nd International advances in Knee Arthroplasty   Altitude 360, Mill Bank Tower , London
15 Knee Masterclass – Arthritis of the knee   London Zoo Conference hall ,London
14 London Knee Meeting 2010   Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center, London
13 Warwick FRCS (Ortho) Training Course   Warwick General Hospital ,Warwick
12 Edinburgh International Instructional Trauma Course   Sheraton Grand Hotel , Edinburgh
11 Basic Science Course for FRCS (Ortho)   University of Nottingham ,Nottingham
10 Management of Open Fractures of the lower extremity – Instructional Course  Leeds General Infirmary , Leeds
9 Hydroxyapatite Ceramic   Royal College of Surgeons , London
8 British Orthopaedic Association   International Convention Centre, Birmingham
7 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Annual Meeting (Presenter)  Convention Centre , Washington D.C.
6 10th EFORT Instructional Course   Groningen , Netherlands
5 British Orthopaedic Oncology Society: Annual Conference   Freeman Hospital , Newcastle Upon Tyne
4 Research Skills Course   Leeds University , Leeds
3 Leeds Orthopaedic Biomechanics Course   Thorpe Park Hotel , Leeds
2 International Shoulder Course  Gmunden , Austria
1 Controversies in Orthopaedics  Kovai Medical Center ,Coimbatore, India
Management Courses

19   Introduction to Information Governance:                                    Imperial College , London

Mandatory course

18   Management Course for Specialist                                                Hammersmith Hospital , London

Registrars: organised by Imperial College,


17   Advanced Medical Communication Skills:                                    Hammersmith Hospital , London

organised by Imperial College, London

16   Managing Difficult patient Interactions:                                       Hallam Conference Center ,

      Organised by MPS

15   Oxford Medical: Consultant Interview                                        Barcelo Hotel , Oxford


14   Training the Trainers: Managing Change                                     Royal Free Hospital , London

13   Training the Trainers: Leadership in NHS                                      Royal Free Hospital , London

12   Training the Trainers: Developing a team                                      June 2011       Royal Free Hospital , London

11   Training the Trainers: Group facilitation                                        Royal Free Hospital , London

10   Training the Trainers: Clinical supervision                                      Royal Free Hospital , London

9   Training the Trainers: Introduction to                                  Royal Free Hospital , London

Teaching and Teaching Skills

8   Train the Trainers Course                                                                 Royal Free Hospital , London

7   Training the Trainers: Role of Educational                                     Royal Free Hospital , London

 Supervisors, Appraisal and managing

poor performers

6   Conflict Resolution Course                                                               Royal Free Hospital , London

5   Mastering Adverse Outcomes workshop                                        Holiday Inn, Heathrow ,

by MPS                                                                                               Middlesex, London

4   Child Protection Course Level 3                                                      Royal Free Hospital , London

3   Child Protection Course Level 2                                                     Royal Free Hospital , London

2   Clinical Management Course for                                                     Royal College of Surgeons , London

Specialist Registrars (Keele University


1   Interview Skills Training Course                                                     Hammersmith Hospital , London

Workshops & Training Courses

22   Orthofix Advanced Trauma &                                                         Orthofix Education Center ,

Reconstruction course                                                                      Verona, Italy

21   Asepsis and No Touch Technique (ANTT)                                      St Mary’s Hospital , London

20   IRMER Course                                                                                   Hammersmith Hospital , London

19   Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)                                          Churchill Hospital , Oxford


18   Mandatory Training                                                                   Danubius Hotel (Wellington

Hospital) , London

17   Masterclass in Revision Total Knee                                           Leicester Mariott Hotel ,


16   Osteotomy around knee course                                                The Ark, Basingstoke General

Hospital , Basingstoke

15   Oxford Partial Knee Advanced                                                    Keble College , Oxford

Instructional Course

14   Modern Techniques in Total Knee                                              Hilton Hotel , Manchester

Arthroplasty (Harlow Knee course)

13   7th World Congress of the International                                     Warsaw , Poland

Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)

12   Advanced Life Support (ALS)                                                        Frimley Park Hospital , Surrey

11   European Paediatric Life Support (EPLS)                                    Leicester Royal Infirmary ,

10   Practical Arthroscopic Knee surgery                                            Knee Foundation , Droitwich


9   Basic and Advanced course in                                                       University of Sheffield , Sheffield

Intramedullary Nailing in Children

8   Exeter Basic Hip Arthroplasty Course                                            Royal Devon and Exeter

Hospitals , Exeter

7   Sheffield Elbow Course                                                                    Northern General Hospital ,


6   Taylor Spatial Frame Course                                                           Hall Garth Hotel , Darlington

5   AO Advances in Fracture Management                                         Davos , Switzerland


4   AO Principles of Fracture Treatment                                              Davos , Switzerland

3   Workshop on Arthroscopy                                                              Rangaraya Medical College ,


2   All India Ilizarov Course and Hands on                                           Bangalore Medical College ,

Workshop                                                                                          Bangalore

1   2nd International Course on Spinal                                                  Ganga Hospital , Coimbatore,

Surgery and Workshop on Spinal Fixation