Arthroscopy of the knee


Information on Arthroscopy

Exercises after knee Arthroscopy – Please confirm with Dr Srinivas before doing anything that was not recommended for you.

Post operative recovery: (Please confirm with Dr Srinivas in your case – This is the typical course given below)

The average duration of admission is 1-2  days after Knee Arthroscopy.

You will be made to walk on the day of operation or the day after.

Before discharge from the hospital, please check with the doctor your medications/ tablets to take home and confirm with Dr Srinivas

You can drive a car by 1-2 weeks. It could take longer and would depend on the procedure you had done during arthroscopy.

Please avoid international travel and check with Dr Srinivas when it is safe for air travel.

Please report to the hospital if you develop any of the following: Fever, increasing pain, increasing swelling of the knee and leg, an oozing or weeping wound,  shortness of breath or any other problems.